Let’s Meet in Thessaloniki invites you to experience the city in a unique way. We specialize in organizing bike and walking tours, incentives and group tours in beautiful Greece. Whether you are looking for an active exploration by bike, a customized corporate outing or a group tour full of adventure and culture, our team is ready to help you plan an unforgettable experience.

Let's meet the team

Discover the amazing team at Let's Meet in Thessaloniki, where we bring your ideal Greek adventure to life with passion, expertise and lots of fun!
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Operations Manager

Geia sas! I am Maria or Mirjam, my double name is not strange because I have Greek and Dutch nationality. I was born and raised in Sittard but I never let a summer pass by to stay with my Greek family in Thessaloniki, my father's hometown. Now I would like to give you the "Filoxenia " feeling during my cycling and culinary tours. Literally this means in Greek: make a stranger feel at home. I will introduce you to authentic Greek culture and cuisine in the most beautiful places of my city!

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Hello, I am Monique and I have been living in beautiful Greece since 2006. My love for Greece started during several vacations, discovering different islands and the mainland. Those experiences inspired me to take the step and move to Greece. When I started working as a tour guide for Greece in 2006, it felt like a dream come true. I settled in Athens and started my own business here. After a while, I opened a branch in Thessaloniki. Now my mission is to help people enjoy all the beauty these cities have to offer.


Why sustainability is important to us

At Let’s meet in Thessaloniki, we strive to create bike and walking tours and customized programs for groups and incentives. Our goal is to introduce our guests to the real life of Thessaloniki, combining both well-known and lesser-known spots. Since that can be intensive for the destination, we want to minimize the negative effects of tourism by collaborating with small-scale companies. Furthermore, we find it very important to work with partners who show strong social responsibility.

Our concerns:

Environment: We are aware of our responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint. We prefer cycling and walking, reduce our waste and emissions whenever possible with the aim of leaving a minimal ecological footprint in and around Thessaloniki.

Customer: We are dedicated in offering unique experiences to all of our customers. By focusing (whenever possible) on sustainable activities, modes of transportation and accommodations, we create opportunities for our clients to connect with the local culture, leaving a positive impact on the destination.

Continuous improvement: We realize that sustainability is a process. Through constant evaluation and improvement where necessary, we strive to increase our impact in a positive way. Transparency is crucial here, which is why we are happy to share the steps we have taken with our customers. If you want to know more, you can read our sustainability policy here.

Our efforts were recently rewarded with the recognition as a ‘Travelife Partner‘.

We believe that travel is a great experience when done right: by building a connection with the local community and having the opportunity to make a positive impact.