The best way to discover the highlights of Thessaloniki

There is so much to discover in Thessaloniki, from a rich history to a vibrant contemporary culture. Our bike tour “Highlights of Thessaloniki” feels like a journey through time, exploring the city in all its splendor. On this tour, we will bike through little streets, pass majestic squares and explore charming neighborhoods and their stories.

In about three hours we will show you for example the colorful neighborhoods of Valaoritou, Kamara and Ladadika, admire the famous white tower, soak up the atmosphere of local markets and behold the statue of Alexander the Great. You will not only explore the iconic sights, but also the hidden treasures you would normally miss.

This tour is perfect for anyone visiting the city for the first time or wanting to discover the most important spots in a short time.

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The best guidance provided by a local tour leader

We offer you the perfect introduction to your stay in Thessaloniki. Under the guidance of an enthusiastic tour leader, you’ll get to know the city and immerse yourself in authentic Greek life. This bike tour is ideal for the beginning of your stay in Thessaloniki.

Private Bike Tour

Do you prefer to cycle alone, with your own group of friends or family? Then book our private tour. Here you decide what time you start. In addition, you can indicate certain preferences and interests and we will tailor make the tour for you. Click here for more information about the private bike tour.r.

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Explore Thessaloniki in three hours with our Highlight Bike Tour and discover both famous landmarks and hidden gems.
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