The best way to visit Thessaloniki at your own pace

Bike rentals in Thessaloniki offer a great way to explore this Greek city. In just a few hours, you can cycle past iconic sites such as the White Tower, the Roman Agora and the enchanting Umbrella Sculptures on the promenade. Discover not only the famous sights, but also the lesser-known gems, while enjoying the warm Greek hospitality.

With our comfortable Dutch Cortina bikes and self-guided routes in Dutch, you are guaranteed a great exploration of Thessaloniki’s most charming spots.

The cycling routes are suitable for the whole family. Children from about 8 years old cycle by themselves, for younger children we have comfortable and safe bike seats.

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Self-guided bike tours 

Are you renting a bike from us? Then purchase a self guided tour for €7,50. With this self guided tour you go out on your own and you will be guided via the Active Nav App. On this app you will find the same route you will cycle during a guided tour. In addition, all the information about various sights is also in the app.

We offer two self-guided bike tours: Highlight Tour and the Ride & Bite tour.

Highlight bike tour

Explore the highlights of Thessaloniki by bike with our Highlight Bike Tour, guided by our mobile app. Pass iconic sites like the White Tower, the Rotonda, Kamara, the Roman Agora and the lively Aristotle Square at your own pace. Cycle through charming neighborhoods like Valaoritou and Ladadika, explore local food markets like the Kapani and take your time at sights that pique your interest. The flexibility of this tour allows you to decide how long you want to linger at each location. Don’t feel like biking? This tour is also available as a walking tour!

Ride & bite bike tour

Experience the culinary and cultural riches of Thessaloniki on our self-guided food tour by bike. Use our Active Nav App to follow the route and discover fascinating information in the app at each stop.

Cycle past cultural highlights such as Aristotelou Square, the atmospheric Ladadika district and the lively boulevard. On this self-guided tour, taste the local flavors of Thessaloniki at the Kapani and Modiano markets. Indulge your taste buds with amazing local delicacies.

Do you feel like renting a bike?

Rent a bicycle in Thessaloniki for ultimate flexibility as you explore the city. Choose from self-guided routes to discover Thessaloniki's highlights or coastline. Ideal if you like to set your own pace or explore extensively!
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