The best way to explore the city’s food culture

Explore the flavors of Thessaloniki on our food tour, a culinary trip that lets you discover all the delights of Greek cuisine. Our passionate tour leader will take you on an exploration of the city center, where old stores flourish alongside modern boutiques and local markets take you into the real food scene of Thessaloniki.

The tour will include immersing you in Greek breakfast traditions with tastings of traditional koulouri and bougatsa. Discover the art and traditions of Greek coffee and enjoy various sweets. Furthermore, the tour leader reveals secrets of various olive varieties and the versatility of olive oil in traditional Greek dishes. Learn about Greek herbs and their uses in classic dishes, while getting acquainted with their unique flavors.

This flavorful journey concludes with a lunch of various mezedes, where you can enjoy a range of different of flavors.

After this tour, you will not only know everything about Greek cuisine, but you will also receive several Greek recipes to relive these culinary experiences at home yourself. Let us inspire you and discover the hidden treasures of Thessaloniki’s culinary world.

Walking Dinner

The perfect guidance from a local tour leader

We provide you with the perfect introduction to your stay in Thessaloniki. Led by an enthusastic tour leader, you’ll get to know the city, immersing yourself in authentic Greek life. This walking tour is ideal for the beginning of your stay in Thessaloniki or if you want to explore the unique flavors of Greece.

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